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Measurement devices are used to process data from the tested items into information, thanks to which it is possible to determine whether a given product or service meets predetermined assumptions and specific standards. Our online store offer includes the highest quality measuring devices, the best manufacturers such as: Alantec, Alcovisor, BACscan, LANBERG, Oregon Scientific, Thermaltake, SafeScan, XBLITZ, Promiler, OVERMAX and many others. In our extensive assortment of measuring devices, you can buy, among others: hygrometers, electrochemical breathalyzers, digital meters, fingerprint readers, proximity cards, proximity tags, card recorders, door readers, cable testers, room thermometers, weather stations, cable verification testers, testers for power supplies and many other measuring devices. The measuring equipment offered by our online store is also extremely accurate and precise. In addition, it is very handy, simple and convenient to use.

Dr.Power II PSU Tester
Dr.Power II PSU Tester
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