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The offer of our online tools store offers everything you need for professional equipment in your workshop. We have equipment for both construction and DIY enthusiasts. Our extensive range of tools includes, among others: various types of power tools, namely drills, electric saws, cordless screwdrivers, table saws, clean and dirty water pumps, hammer hammers, circular saws and many other machines from the power tools category. In our e-shop you will also purchase hand tools such as: sets of keys, small tools, flat-ring wrenches, pliers, torches, precision tools, protractors, winches, carpenters, precision screwdrivers, upholsterer kits, bar cutters or even the sickles. In addition, you can buy from us the highest quality measuring devices, such as: hygrometers, digital meters, cable testers and more. You can buy everything you need with every "golden handle".

Wykrywacz metalu M-ray 911
Wykrywacz metalu M-ray 911
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