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The health and safety of the child is the most important thing that parents take care of. From the moment of birth, mothers take care of their children even during sleep. A great solution and at the same time help for young mums is an electronic nanny, which facilitates the reconciliation of home duties with child care, protection and relaxation. Our online store offer includes many models of electronic showers, eg with a built-in camera, the function of monitoring the child's breath or even recording the voice of the parent. With us you will find everything that will help you look after your child. In addition, in our online store you can also purchase protective gates to be mounted on the staircase in the house in different color options and protective barriers for both the bed and the rooms in your home. In addition, we also offer additional equipment such as: extension for metal and wooden gates in many sizes. With us you can find everything that is necessary for health, safety, control and care of a child.