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Plastic toys teach children creativity, help express emotions during eg painting or drawing. You can find a wide range of plastic toys for children of all ages. Plastic products sold by our online store are completely safe for health. They come from the best producers such as: ALEXANDER, Art And Play, ARTIST and not only. In our offer you will find such art toys as: plastic massage, floor coloring, in booklets or in the form of sheets. In addition, we also have sand and kinetic plasticine, dough, paint and much more. In our e-store you will find everything you need for a small artist. The assortment of plastic toys in our store is very wide, so every child will find something for themselves. What's more, with us you will also buy the latest octopus, whale toys and many other interesting toys from Play-Doh. Choose what interests you and your toddler and order it.