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The baby is sucking on the mother's breast, thumb or corner of the quilt. Sucking is one of the strongest instincts with which a child is born. Sucking, the toddler calms down, falls asleep, feels happy and completely safe. Choosing the right size of the teat for the child's age is extremely important. Our online store offer includes a wide range of soothers for the infant, newborn and child who have already completed 12 months of life. We have teats made of the highest quality and completely safe materials for your child - rubber, well-known and appreciated by our mother: Chicco. Pacifier in the offer of our e-shop has calming properties. The teat is appropriately contoured and has a positive opinion by orthodontics specialists, therefore applying it to a child does not cause any defects in the child's bite. Choose and order a suitable teat for your baby and enjoy his healthy and peaceful sleep all night long.