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Carousels bed occupy an important place in the range of products for the youngest children-babies and newborns. Before your child learns to grab and hold the toys, or carousel music box allows you to display the colorful toys in a variety of configurations and with additional elements stimulating. If your child is interested in selected for him karuzelką, toy can become a godsend-liven up your moments in the crib, and facilitate sleep. Carousels and music boxes to baby let you take care of a toddler, soothe it, allow to fall asleep and feel safe. The child sees the same thing when he falls asleep and wakes up, develop the skills of Visual-AIDS. In our online store you will find all sorts of carousels and music boxes to the crib, on the baby, and even to the cart. In addition, you can choose from toys, and those standing, kiwających and crank. Subscribe to gadget to facilitate sleep for your baby and enjoy the healthy and calm sleep.

Pozytywka Black&White 18 cm
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Pozytywka New Baby Miś 20 cm
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Pozytywka Zebra 35 cm
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