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The offer of our e-store also includes various types of jumpers in the form of elastic and rubber horses, ladybirds and fudge, on which you can sit as on a traditional rocking horse. On such a jumper, your child can make vigorous jumps, just like on a special ball with handles. A toddler can freely travel around the spaces available for him in your home. It's fun in the rodeo for slightly older children who can already sit alone because they can fall off the jumper. This type of toy teaches the child proper coordination and movement stabilization in a fun way for him. Our online store offers ponies, ladybirds and rubber fudge in many different color options. Toys are completely safe for children and come from reliable and well-known manufacturers such as Smily or Tootina. Choose a toy - a jumper for your child, order it and enjoy this fantastic fun together.