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The inhaler is for inhalation. This involves applying to the bronchi and lungs medicinal substances in the form of steam or aerosol. In this way, the drugs are delivered to relax, facilitate expectoration and anti-inflammatory effects. Inhalers can also be used to administer antibiotics to young children, but not only. Our online store offer includes various types of inhalers. In our rich assortment you will find, among others, pneumatic-piston inhalers, piston, nebulisers, mobile and those for small children in the shape of fudge, teddy bear, cat and more. The inhalers offered by our online shop come from such manufacturers as: Esperanza, Hi-Tech Medical, Lionelo, Mesmed, ORO-MED and ProMedix. Inhalers are characterized by the fact that they work very quietly, are aesthetic and can be used for a long time. Choose an inhaler that suits your needs and order it today. Bet on a device that will keep your health at the highest level.