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Creative toys stimulate the imagination of the child, motivate to creative play. These toys, for which they are widely used, creative toys are those that are what the children want them to be. Our online store offers a wide selection of toys that stimulate the imagination. What's more, we have toys that are completely safe for children's health and have all the approvals. In our online store you will find, among others: toys from the DIY series (kits for making bracelets, toys, embroideries, for clothing design, creation eg. In three-dimensional format, geometric mosaics, plaster casts and much more). In addition, our online store offers in its assortment of creative toys teaching professions, for example, lineman, shop assistant, diagnostician, mechanic, builder, doctor, policeman, fireman or farmer. You can find a wide selection of toys from a little magician, such as an enchanted hat, a jester set or magical nails. What's more, we also have toys for home or war, as well as carnival costumes and many other interesting accessories.