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In the offer of our e-store you will find a wide selection of different types of cuddles and trolleys for a stroller, rocker, baby carrier or cot. This type of toy is important for a child, it makes the time spent in a cot, a wheelchair or eg in a rocker more attractive, and it also makes it easier to fall asleep. Cuddles, hanging toys, playing, rustling and shining allow you to take care of your baby, calm him down, get him interested and allow him to fall asleep. A child with this type of toy feels safe. Our online store offer includes various types of hanging toys, cuddly toys and more. Order a gadget that makes falling asleep easier for your baby and enjoy his healthy and peaceful sleep. In addition, the toys we sell come from the best and most popular manufacturers such as: Ascato, Bambam, Fisher Price, Little Tikes, Playgro, Tm Toys Disney and many more. The toys are completely safe for the toddler's health and have all the safety certificates. Order the toy that you like best and give it to your child.