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The offer of our store also includes a wide range of digital frames of the highest quality, well-known and respected companies such as: Braun Phototechnik, Hama, INTENSO and Sencor. A digital photo frame is an electronic device that allows you to view photos from a memory card. The digital photo frame is equipped with a multi-layer and extremely thin LCD display, which allows you to view photos after having placed them in the digital memory card frame. Thanks to it, you can view individual photos and slides of all saved files without scrolling them manually. In addition, the frame also has the function of playing MP3 music files. In our e-store you can buy a frame with a diagonal screen size: 10.1 '', 10.2 '', 10 '', 18.5 '', 7 '', 8 '' and 9.7 '' (iPad) . You can find original, convenience and design ideas for showing your favorite photos in one place. Choose and order a digital frame model that suits you best and enjoy the memories in the new version.