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The monitor for mounting in a car, i.e. a car monitor, can be used as a signal receiver from a reversing camera or as a video receiver for an external image source, e.g. a DVD player, analogue or digital TV tuner. Car monitors can be installed in the sun visor, put on headrests, mounted on the headliner (suspended) or placed on the upholstery, headboards or in the glass holder. There are many possibilities. Our online store offer includes a wide selection of car monitors in many models, sizes and with many additional functions. In addition, in our online store you can buy monitors only from well-known and reliable suppliers such as: NVOX or Vordon. Bet on what's best for you. Choose the right equipment for your car, place an order and give yourself and some people traveling with you a little luxury. It will also give them a better and more comfortable ride.