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The camera uses a lot of energy, therefore, an important component of the proper operation of the device to take photos is his power. Are used for this purpose, the rechargeable batteries and batteries for the camera. Our online store has a wide range of batteries and batteries for the camera popular manufacturers such as e.g. 2-Power, ACME Europe, Ansmann, Blaupunkt, Canon, Duracell, Energizer, PANASONIC and many others. From us you buy batteries and battery charging both the car and the battery charger. Whatever well, what type of battery or batteries you are interested in. We have batteries for camera alkaline (LR6/LR3), zinc, zinc-air, Li-ion, lithium, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and carbon-zinc (R6/R3). The choice is really wide and is what to choose. With us you will find everything what you need for your camera. Select the batteries and battery that fits your camera and enjoy accurate and proper equipment to take photos.