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In the offer of our online store with games for children and adults you will find everything you need is learning, development and education while having fun. We have fun for both children and older children. In our rich assortment you will find, among others, educational games and games, such as: science sets, laboratories, seawater-driven vehicles, interactive globes, speaking robots or moonlight showing stars, planets and moons. In our e-shop you will also buy plastic toys that teach creativity and artistic ingenuity, such as plastic masses, cardboard models and solids, coloring books, kinetic rocks, kinetic sand and many other octopus toys. We also have something for fans of spatial planning, ie construction toys (blocks, sets for building cities, cars, planes and many more). We have musical toys and creative types: do it yourself, costumes, toys to play at home and more. The assortment is very wide, so choose something that interested you and buy it.