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In the wide assortment of our online store you will also find all accessories for children that you can use both at home and while driving. The offer of our online store features original pacifier protection for a newborn, infant and a slightly larger child in the form of a double pacifier case in various color options. In order to match the color of the case for a girl and a boy. In addition, you will find various types of chains and ribbons with a clip, protecting the teat from possible loss. Our online store also has a wide selection of different types of car accessories. You can buy, among other things, window covers for children, car organizers, car blinds, car bags or even mirrors on the rear seat of the car. With us you will find everything that will make it easier for you to travel safely by car with your toddler and secure his pacifier both at home and outside. Choose the gadget that interests you and enjoy the convenience you can afford.